Troubleshoot Videos

Need a little more help? Check out these videos or reach out to us via the Live Chat.

Door & Hinge Adjustments

Door Misalignment

Door Overlapping

Door Adjustment (Up-down)

Hinge Adjustment (Left-right)

Dresser Drawer & Runner Adjustments

Drawer Can't Open 

 [Interlocking Mechanism]

Removing Dresser Drawer 

[Interlocking Mechanism]

Shaky Drawer or Loose Runner 

[Interlocking Mechanism]

Replacing Runners 

[Interlocking Mechanism]

Slanted Drawer [Old Ver.]


Unable to Slide Drawer Runner

 [Interlocking Mechanism]

Lamination & Stickering

Lamination Air Bubbles

Lamination Peeling

Lamination Trimming

Sticker Removal

Touch-up, Swatch Repair & Overscrewing

Touching Up

Swatch Repair